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untitled (2020) // 
tw: child sexual abuse
this year i started the process of introspection.
when i began, i knew the most difficult part would be examining my past.
i’ve spent the last 16 years carrying a heavy weight in my heart. unfortunately, the weight is not uncommon and many go though the same heartache. the magnitude of the problem is that people don’t realize the prevalence of child sexual abuse. organizations like the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, actively work toward addressing issues related to childhood abuse and trauma by educating the public and supporting those who have been abused. i've found that 1 in 9 girls are sexually abused before their 18th birthday¹, 93% of the time those who are sexually abused are abused by people they know², 60% of abusers are people the family trusts³⁻⁴, and as many as 90% of child sexual abuse victims never tell anyone⁵.
i choose to remove myself from the last statistic. i choose to no longer blame myself or believe i'm alone in carrying this weight. the most important thing i’ve learned so far is that in order to move forward, i need to expose the past, learn from it, and share it.
i wrote/made this for myself, and now dedicate it to all victims of abuse who carry any pain. may you rise up, stand firm, and always remember that you are worthy and you are loved. //

words/audio/direction by mikaela ventura
animation by ken quemuel
¹  David Finkelhor, Anne Shattuck, Heather A. Turner, & Sherry L. Hamby, The Lifetime Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Assessed in Late Adolescence, 55 Journal of Adolescent Health 329, 329-333 (2014).
² Child Sexual Abuse Statistics. (2015). Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN),
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⁵ Child Sexual Abuse Statistics. (2015). Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN),

acknowledgements // thank you to my parents and brothers for their unconditional love and support they've always given me especially as i continue to navigate my way through this life. thank you for your patience with me as i continue on with my healing process. thank you to my therapist for helping me take the time to heal, and for reminding me that God’s Love and Grace can always be found within me and those around me. thank you to my mentor and friend, ken, the only person i know who could perfectly elevate my words into this stunning piece with such care and attention to detail. thank you for your continued guidance and empowerment. thank you to my friends who have held space for me in their hearts, whether it be for years or for days, i appreciate your kindness. and lastly, thank you to each and every person who takes the time out of his/her/their day to read/listen/share my story.
about // mikaela ventura is a designer, creative problem-solver, and curious being from los angeles. she loves to learn and gathers inspiration from all aspects of life. mikaela strives to help people learn, and gravitates mostly toward things encountered everyday, compelling her to design that which often goes unnoticed.
you can find her design work at or contact her via linkedin, instagram or email